The Dangers of Fasting for Weight Loss

While trying to lose weight, many people follow a program that stresses the importance of exercise. Exercise is an important part of losing weight, but during the time that you are on a fasting weight loss program, you should consider taking it easy. The fast will likely not last for a great deal of time and you can continue on an exercise program when you are consuming more calories. Expect that your energy levels may be considerably lower while using a fasting weight loss program.

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If you are normally a runner, you might consider switching to slower walks during your fasting program. You will still be giving your body the benefits of exercise, but the pace will be slower and you will not burn as much energy as you do when running. This keeps the blood pumping in your body, but it does not overtax your energy levels.

You are not likely to have as much energy on a fasting weight loss program. Calories are the energy that your body uses to perform every activity that you do during the day. Running and other aerobic activities burn a number of calories. However, when you are on a fasting program, you will not be consuming a great deal of calories that your body would need for strenuous exercise.

Once you begin eating again after the fasting weight loss program ends, you can resume your normal activities. In fact, this is a great way to ensure that you keep the weight off after the program has ended. Burn the additional calories that you will consume when you introduce solids back into your diet.

A fasting weight loss program demands all of your time and energy. You will feel fatigued and hungry in the early stages of the program, but eventually your body will adjust to the lower calorie intake. Weight will come off, but you must use care to ensure that it does not return when you start eating again. Bringing in a good exercise program is a great way to do that.

The fasting weight loss program that you are embarking on will help you to lose a great amount of weight in a short period of time. It is a good place to start on a healthier lifestyle. When the weight comes off, your body will be able to perform many of the exercises that you may not be comfortable doing now. Taking off some of your excess weight helps you to feel lighter and more energetic once the program has ended. Use the weight loss to your advantage and add exercise to your daily routine after you complete a fasting weight loss program. This will help keep the weight off and even help you lose even more.

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