Juice Fasting and Detoxification

Juice fasting and detoxification go hand in hand. Recognized by most nutritional experts as the best way to cleanse your system, juicing is really the easy way to fast. While water fasts can be very challenging, juicing is not hard at all and it really packs a punch when it comes to cleansing your system and rejuvenating your sense of well being. If you’ve been eating 3 meals a day for the last 20 years and all of a sudden you have to go just 1 day without it, it can be very tough. Most people give up after less than a day.

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The process of juice fasting and detoxification is based on a very simple principle. By allowing your digestive system to recuperate, your body’s natural process of cleansing can once again happen optimally. With modern diets our digestion is incredibly poor. Processed foods and toxins (like preservatives and additives) place a massive strain on the digestive system – to the point where our food don’t get broken down properly. This is often also the reason why we feel so tired all the time. All our energy goes into digesting and breaking down food.

If you are someone that likes late night snacks or even just someone who like to eat big dinners at night, then chances are your digestion is really poor and that you probably have a huge build up of gunk. Juice fasting and detoxification is just what you need. If your system is burdened with eliminating toxins all the time, then the natural process of fat loss is severely impeded.

During a juice fast you won’t eat any solid foods – although you will drink plenty of juices. Depending on the program you follow, the juices will mostly be combinations of juices fruits and vegetables. What this does is to give you maximum nutrition without the strain of digesting food. This can significantly speed up the detoxification process and the juice of certain fruits and vegetables also speeds this along.

The first, and probably the most obvious benefit of juice fasting and detoxification is weight loss. Its estimated that the average person carries 10 to 12 pounds of pure gunk in their system. During your fast you can get rid of all of this. When you do, your body will actually be able to get rid of excess fat again and even when you do stop the fast you will still experience massive increases in energy and a significant improvement in your ability to lose fat.

Juice fasting and detoxification is by far the fastest way to lose weight. And its 100% healthy with no side effects and no strain on your wallet. Many “detox products” can cost as much as $150 – and all it really is a bunch of chemicals designed to make you get rid of it all – not too pleasant.

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